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Airport: Berlin Brandenburg (BER)


Current local time 09:06:00 Tuesday 13.04.2021
Time zone UTC + 01:00
Demand calculation 09:06:03 UTC
Country Germany
Continent Europe
Runway 4,000 m
Airport size Large airport
Slots (per 5 minutes) 9
Slot Availability 10%
Min. transfer time 01:15h
Nighttime ban nighttime ban between 0:01 and 5:59
Noise restrictions Stage II noise restrictions


2021-04-11 13:41 UTC SWANE have shut down their station at Berlin.
2021-04-11 13:20 UTC SWANE has opened a new station at Berlin.
2021-04-05 16:22 UTC Fliger, based at Berlin, has ceased operations. All shares have been returned or liquidated.
2021-04-05 16:21 UTC Fliger has been founded in Berlin.
2021-03-30 04:27 UTC Fly Aussie Iraq has opened a new station at Berlin.
2021-03-29 10:06 UTC SKYWORKS-German-Airlines has opened a new station at Berlin.
2021-03-21 15:28 UTC Delto Europe has opened a new station at Berlin.
2021-03-12 15:00 UTC Xeon Airlines has opened a new station at Berlin.
2021-03-12 07:53 UTC CM Trans has opened a new station at Berlin.
2021-03-09 12:55 UTC Greenhansa has opened a new station at Berlin.
2021-03-09 08:38 UTC Turkish Sky extends the capacity of its passenger terminal T5 at Berlin by 1000 units.
2021-03-02 09:43 UTC Air HT has opened a new station at Berlin.
2021-02-23 03:43 UTC Sunriser has opened a new station at Berlin.
2021-02-22 15:53 UTC SUUB Air has opened a new station at Berlin.
2021-02-22 10:49 UTC Fly Serbia has opened a new station at Berlin.

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Enterprise IL Weekly departures Flight schedule
AGA Arabian Gulf Airlines 21 Departures
Air HT 14 Departures
Air Levantin 70 Departures
Air Romania 0 Departures
Air Romania Regional 7 Departures
American Pride Air 0 Departures
Aurora IceJet 14 Departures
AZE Trans 14 Departures
Blue Iceland Airways 35 Departures
Blue Iceland Shuttle 14 Departures
Central Airways 28 Departures
CM Trans 7 Departures
Egyptian United Airlines 105 Departures
FentlAIR Pax 28 Departures
Fly Aussie Iraq 0 Departures
Fly Baku 0 Departures
Fly Serbia 14 Departures
france JET 1,663 Departures
Gomolka Airlines 625 Departures
indiXpress 21 Departures
Intervol Canada 14 Departures
Intervol Georgia 7 Departures
Intervol Qatar 7 Departures
Intervol Sudan 7 Departures
Jaffa Airlines 28 Departures
Kazach Trans 7 Departures
Kuwaitian 20 Departures
LLL Kyrgyzstan 0 Departures
LLL Moldova 14 Departures
Madeira Networks 56 Departures
Madeira Networks Express 90 Departures
Maledives Sky Shuttle 1 Departures
MGLAir 2,049 Departures
MidnightFly 0 Departures
MNC Express 42 Departures
Mongolian Bird 7 Departures
Nederlands Networks 49 Departures
Nilwings 0 Departures
Paki Bird 21 Departures
Pink Wings 446 Departures
Pink Wings Canarias 28 Departures
Portugal Sun Investment 0 Departures
Sendai Airlines 11 Departures
Sendai Maxibird 29 Departures
Sendai Microbird 7 Departures
Singapore Merlion Airlines 14 Departures
Sunriser 28 Departures
SUUB Air 0 Departures
Thalas Gair Airways 98 Departures
Turkish Sky 294 Departures
Ukrainian 91 Departures
VRX Trans 7 Departures